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Product Backlog - Not just an Agile thing

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Every one of us – no matter whether you work in a big team, a small team or by yourself – has a list of things that needs to be done.

If it is just a list you have to manage by yourself for yourself, it is an easy thing. But what if you have to work as a team, for a common goal where certain tasks have higher priorities than others?

In cases like these a #ProductBacklog might be the solution. A product backlog is nothing more than a prioritised list of actions, tasks or requirements that need to be done with a certain business value.

Why prioritise? Because you need to know which task you need to get done first.

Why does it need to have a #businessvalue? Well, what is the use of doing anything without having a value. Even in real life. We only want to work on things that creates a benefit in one way or another, so a task needs to have a value as well. It’s a good practice to think about the value of a certain task. You might have to reprioritise your backlog because the business value of a lower ranked item might be bigger than one which is ranked higher e.g. it might be more important to view a report than to print a report.

Product Backlog


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